In residentialVastu we take precious topics related to Vastu for home because home is basic need for everyone and being auspicious of a house is very essential. Sometimes people use to buy ‘any house’ which is very cheap and available in hurry but they hardly think that there may be some negative aspect of that house because of which the current house-owner is selling off to it. So, the house buying is not a decision to be taken in hurry. One should look on negative sides also. If one is going to sell his built-up house in which he has been living for long, then under what circumstances he is selling the house-this is a question of big concern.

Construction With Vastu

Vastu timing
For the construction companies, an ideal time for the vastu application is when a new building project is still in its very early stages, before the plans are finalized, before it gets final planning permission, and certainly before you start pouring concrete. The earlier you think about the vastu aspects of your residential project, the more benefit you have. (project completion in time, faster sale, fewer etc.) In any size of the plot, Vastu can be applied with the vastu true vatu layout

New Homes

Vastu for Home
vastu for home Living a joyful and satisfied life is possible only when the space you live has positive vibes. Good Vastu Layout pleasant and well-balanced environment generates a positive flow in the Vastu house .Properly organizing living space according to vastu will attract good luck, prosperity, and health The essence of vastu is the creation of harmony and dynamic balance between your inner as well as your exterior space. Vastu for home planning needs balacing of five key Vastu elements. In the House the land is shared by multiple owners, but in case of an independent house or unit. you are directly connected to the earth It is most prominent element of Vastu Shastra. Hence House dwellers have more control over the significant Vastu elements than the apartment owners. If your life is far from abundance and wonderful feeling, then you are staying in a house that may have some serious Vastu defects.

Buy New Land

Buyers preference residential vastu
Buying a property can be one of the biggest decisions in life.Whether a person buys a home or a business location, it is immensely valuable for him to know the vibrations of the house he is buying. Buyer will focus on the properties, the ones that we bring him tranquility, beneficial energy, abundance and good prosperity. A Home buyer gets into drive for searching a new home does a little bit of research from Vastu point of view along with location, amenities, and neighbors Even if it is a second home or weekend home, basic Vastu is a top priority for many buyers

Living Harmony

Vastu Shastra for Residential Project
Living in harmony with nature has always been the practical necessity of people all over the world, Harmony (Vastu) and beauty (Architecture) - literally plays a major theme while taking a buying decision for the new home or business place Vastu is an ancient vedic system of construction Buyer prefers to check Vastu for residential project before investing in the property. Real estate investment is a big decision trom a buyer point of view. Building a manmade structure should be in harmony with the natural law of universe.