Professional Vastu Consultant Mr. Deepak & his team is one of the most trusted Vastu Experts in Australia.  Deepak has over 5 years of experience in VastuShastra. He provides Vastu Visits and consultations for home and business all around Australia. He is an expert in making a Vastu friendly environment without any demolition through the knowledge of VastuShastra and Astrology. When Vastu and Astrology are combined and applied, it becomes Astro-Vastu which helps one succeed in every aspect of their life such as wealth, growth, career, business, gains, health, family, harmony, children’s education etc.

Deepak is a freelance Consultant, Working as a Leading Vastu, providing Services for Industries, Houses, Business Premises & other Establishments, Structures / plans of Plots etc. Till now he has delivered numerous lectures on Vastu in different Seminars etc. He has done a lot of research on Geopathic stress & its remedies.

Tips for Vastu

1. Entrance :

The main door is the mouth of positive energy and opportunities It should always be located in the most auspicious direction, Do a strong Vastu correction, or it has a negative location. Many people ignore this important thing and super bad luck for many years Correcting the main door Vastu defect protects your house from frequent illness. money crises and also disharmony. Avoid arched door which disturbs positive energy patterns.

2. Bedroom :

You spend many passive hours sleeping, so your head should be towards the east or south. Sleeping with head towards the north brings illness o the person. This may result in a major health issue and will difficult to recover It is crucial that there should not be a toilet above the bedroom. This can cause illness in the house as per Vastu. Paint your south-west room with a yellow color to enhance the earth element of your house according to Vastu. If you have a bedroom towards the south-east zone it may create illness in the home. Paint this room with pistachio green. Master Bedroom above the kitchen may cause instability in business or job. Children’s bedroom above the kitchen could profoundly impact their academic performance Avoid sleeping under the overhead beam. Also, avoid keeping the temple or study desk below a beam.

3. Kitchen :

Never place the sink beside the gas or oven. This water element extinguishes beneficial fire energy. A stove or gas in which all burners don’t operate properly can make the occupants of a house feel stuck – financially.Clean your stove and be sure all the burners are working 100% with no obstruction

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Vastu Vision does not Take any responsibility for Legal, personal ,medical claims or guarantee/promise/assure anything unrealistic. Our consultancy services and remedies are based on experience, case studies, research, and scientific knowledge. We do assess client’s information based on the scientific analysis in a methodical way and then we will offer “optional” effective remedial solutions responsibility. All vastu result are depend on person to person ,area , land ,nature etc.